You’ve arrived at “callednchosen”!  I’m Pastor Theresa Lindsay, the Senior Pastor of Overcoming Through Holiness Ministries, Inc. in Brooklyn, New York.  I have a voracious appetite to know and serve Jesus Christ in everyday life.  This also includes in no order of importance,  preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ so that people’s lives are transformed (well, this does come first), seeing most of the world, helping others who desire to become unstuck, renovating and decorating homes, writing bestsellers, completing my Master of Divinity degree, maybe even earn a doctorate, become a mother-in-law and grandmother.

This release to accomplish the above was borne out of serving God in a restrictive environment for almost two decades.   Reading Tommy Tenney’s The God Chasers and attending New Greater Bethel’s (Middle Village, NY) 5 a.m. Prayer with Dr. Juanita Bynum served as catalysts for pursuing the presence of God and developing  a relationship with Him.

This blog is for those who are hungry to experience the St. John 10:10 abundant life that Christ said He came for His followers to have.  I pray that we have an “Iron Sharpening Iron” experience every time you visit.  Follow me on Twitter @callednchosen as well.

I am the mom of one prince (“E”), and live with my husband Steven in Brooklyn, New York.



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